Who we are?

GriGon isn't an average market maker. Our veteran expertise, derived from both crypto and traditional finance through collaboration with leading organizations, propels our mission to revolutionize market making. We do this using state-of -the-art algorithms and a client-focused approach.

Teamwork is crucial for us. We join forces with skilled developers and market makers to develop powerful, tailored algorithms. With our extensive market knowledge, we bypass previous constraints and deliver solutions that perfectly align with your requirements. Consider it an algorithm designed with your success in mind.

And the outcome? Market making that's smarter, faster, and more reactive. We enable you to steer through market complexitieswith assurance. Are you ready to experience the GriGon difference?

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  • 24/7

    Seamlessly available round-the-clock, ensuring convenience and responsiveness for users at any time.

  • Revising the principles of market making operations

    Drawing from the experiences of other market makers and revamping approaches to work, fostering innovation and adaptability.

  • Fresh Perspective on Client Markets

    Introducing novel strategies backed by extensive consulting experience, tailored to meet the evolving needs of client markets.

  • Emphasis
    on Algorithms

    Prioritizing algorithmic solutions to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness in operations.

  • 50+

  • 300+
    Served Clients

Common problems
faced by projects

Despite numerous market-making options available, many projects still find it challenging to achieve their desired outcomes when collaborating with market makers. The main issues these projects face include:

These issues are particularly prevalent in web-3 projects partnering with market makers. Grigon aims to learn from the experiences and mistakes of other market makers and uphold a new standard of market making that aligns with the fast-paced developments in the web-3 market.

A new approach to market making with Grigon.

We have developed a new standard for market making in the industry. Our primary goal is to provide clients with a personalized approach to each project, constructing strategies based on current needs and future objectives. We aim to ensure that the market, with our assistance, fully serves the client's interests, generating profits and attracting new users to the project.

Beside market making

  • Consulting:

    Our team provides valuable consulting services to support projects in the rapidly changing web3 industry. We help with pre-TGE and post-TGE strategies, marketing, and collaborations.

  • Pre-TGE and post-TGE Consulting:

    We assist projects with pre-TGE strategies and continue to support them post-launch to enhance project development.

  • Marketing and Cross-Marketing:

    Our team helps projects create innovative marketing campaigns and forge new collaborations to stay ahead.

  • IDO and CEX Connections:

    We use our network to secure optimal listing conditions for our clients, prioritizing their success at no cost to them.